Thursday, April 1, 2010


This is new series I have started working on. It was inspired by an encaustic work by Daniella Woolf. I call this one Ladders, and I have already started another one in lavenders. I chose Color for the theme, and this is all in greens and blues. It is actually not as colorful as things I usually do.


  1. An addendum: I sewed long strips and then sewed small cross strips on top of them. There are two or three layers here, all attached to a quilted back. The front hangs free and is only sewn down from the top.

  2. Colorful...and it pushes the colors you chose. I really like the concept and your resulting piece. Please share lavendar when you are done......Helen

  3. Very free-flowing and fun. And lots of color! Thank you for the color challenge - I enjoyed it!
    Susan in San Francisco

  4. This is an interesting concept and use of color. The more I look at it, the more I see...
    will your series be in palettes?.. I surely hope you will let us know where we can see them...