Thursday, April 1, 2010



I just want to let you know, that English is not my first language. I studied English 1975 in England. So I hope you will excuse my mistakes.

The quilt for this theme was created out of the longing for color. We still have cold, rainy weather, it is snowing down to 700 m. You will notice that I am having the blues!

Color - what do I see, when the snow is gone? Green leaves, white snowbells, yellow and blue crocusses, yellow and red tulpips and so on. The sky seems bluer and the sun brighter, birds are singing and I can hear children playing outside.
I wanted an organic look for my spring picture, so I cut freehand and put the main stream vertical. I used a piece of multicolored fabric and some purchased hand dyed blue-green fabric. For the tulips and the other pieces, I took a screen-printed piece of old sheet linen.
To add texture, I did some hand-stitching.

I am looking forward seeing your works.


  1. apparently we had the same thoughts although we had to deal with different themes (you had colors, i had music): SPRING. maybe it is because we both live in switzerland and spring doesn't want to arrive this year ;-)
    beautiful piece heidi. love it!

  2. Heidi,
    Your English ist sehr gut. The work is lovely. I hope you enjoyed doing it.


  3. Heidi, what a lovely use of complimentary colors. Warm and inviting. Spring for sure. Great job. Helen

  4. Lovely! I can feel the warm sun on my arms - I want to take a walk in that garden!

  5. I love the vertical flow of this piece. Although you say it is a "Spring" piece, I see an underwater scene with the seaweed rising!

    Lisa Kay

  6. Hallo Heidi,
    danke für die mail.
    Also, mir geht´s ähnlich wie elelkay, beim einfachen Hinsehen, beim Genaueren kann ich deine Beschreibung auch nachvollziehen.
    Übrigens, dein Englisch konnte ich bestens verstehen.
    Fröhliche Ostern.

  7. Heidi, I grew up in Minnesota and understand the longing for spring, the snow beginning to melt and that first peek of "spring green". To this day green is my favorite color, especially chartreuse (bright yellow green). Your piece is lovely....if this is what you create when you have the "blues" bless you. Jan G.

  8. Heidi this is glorious! A beautiful tribute to your longing for 'color'... and will cheer you on many a blue day.

  9. hallo heidi

    super!!!! habe ihn eben bei der patCHquilt gesehen

    alles gute