Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Ain't No Spring Chicken" by Jan Girod, theme "Spring"

This is not what I orginally planned to create, but a nap with the dictionary and I awoke with a whole new plan. After recently cleaning, organizing and having our studio spaces photographed, our studios are currently appearing in the Summer 2011 Studio magazine by Cloth Paper Scissors, I found so many things long forgotten about. This chicken block was left over from a Mary Lou Weidman quilt I made eons ago. She provided just enough attitude to create a great looking "spring chicken".

Her curls were orginally the springs in 3 older ball point pens, they don't work anymore and hubbys' collection is a few less. A trip to the party store provided her legs and feet. Dismantling little notepads left me with the right length white springs for her legs and her feet were part of a hand clapping toy. She has made me smile and giggle ever since she was done.


So good, that spring in English also means a technical spring. As Karen, I have made my spring quilts and was glad to have this choice.

For our Swiss Quilters exhibition, I was working on a traditional Amish quilt - Jacobs ladder - with Amish fabrics from Intercourse. After this, I wanted to do something different.

I needle felted Organza to synthetik felt and embellished with beads and golden wire springs. Then I hand stitched the piece on thick black felt and a golden Organza.

Golden Springs


When the word was announced I had just completed a Spring Quilt with bugs and flowers and I couldn't go there again. So I decided to use a different meaning and thought of a spring bouncing around. I had purchased lightweight aluminum circles at a scrap book store a few years ago and they seemed like the perfect thing to use on this piece.
I have been doing a lot of fabric dyeing lately and I always throw some "Color Catcher" sheets into the washer when I am rinsing the fabric. They come out in beautiful colors and since I just can't throw them away, I have quite the collection. I decided to use them in this piece too. I collaged the color catchers and some textured paper onto black felt and sewed them all down. Then I hand appliqued the circles on top. Does it look like it is springy???