Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Family Makes It a Home" by Jan Girod

I am very late with my "Home" piece for the final challenge. Honestly, life just kept getting in my, family holiday plans, and illness. I have always felt that home was wherever my family is, so began my thoughts for this piece. The house photo was printed on pre-treated inkjet cotton fabric and the family photos are printed on ExtravOrganza. The fabric was so perfect that I could not resist using it, the fabric is called Etchings by 3sisters for Moda.
The piece was machine quilted, then the family photos were attached over the house photo with hand embroidery stitches. Simply embellished with my Grandmothers' mother-of-pearl buttons, a small key and a Habitat for Humanity charm that says "Bless this House", exactly the right concept for this challenge quilt.

When I read what the final word would be "Home", my musings were that it seemed so fitting...our first word was "Sanctuary" and our final word was "Home". Many times I've said, "my home is my sanctuary" and I've always hoped that I've created a "home" for my family that gives them that warmhearted feeling.