Thursday, April 1, 2010

Color Tracks

Lately I've been very inspired by the free piecing in Gees Bend quilts. I was lucky to go see several quilts on display when the tour came to the Flint Institute of Art here in Michigan a couple months ago.

I've begun exploring this type of piecing in my own way and decided that this was a good format for the color challenge. Anyone who knows me well knows that I rarely use bright colors in my work. I am an earth tone and jewel tone girl to the core so this really was a challenge for me to do.

I decided to break up the larger blocks of color with embroidery. I like big strong bold stitches that show up easily so this seemed like an excellent way to add even more color to the piece.

I also chose to leave my edges raw. This is a consistent element in my work, I almost never add binding. It was fun to work in a color palette that is not my usual one.

Lynn K. in Michigan


  1. I see the Gees Bend influence and perfect for this challenge. The colors are bold and the addition of embroidery tactile. Though you say working in bright colors is not your norm, one would never know by looking at this piece.

    Susan in San Francisco

  2. the quilt police are coming for you!

    It's lovely.

    Sue in Bethesda

  3. Simplicity reigns. It is so powerful. You did a great job. I would love to play with this concept also. We will see! Helen Moreda

  4. Lynn, I saw the Gees Bend exhibit in Houston and Atlanta. In Houston there were places to sit, just take the time to "see" and I did. By the time it got to Atlanta there was so much controversy surrounding it that I thought I would "over-think" it, but once again I got lost in the simplicity, the need for warmth from whatever was on hand and the need to create. Jan G.

  5. I am such a fan of those hand stitches... and it is they that make the piece come alive. Your piece would have been great with any kind of quilting, but those stitches put it in a class all its own.