Thursday, April 1, 2010

Helen's Color, just basic

And here is my color. Far be it for me to be wild and crazy.
Just the basics, folks
Yellow, Red and Blue
It is always a journey for me.
That journey has shapes and feelings.
It has a start and is a progression.
It has those little sparkles which we all love!
It continues.
Another name.......the sunshine of my life......
Here is a part of my journey.


  1. I will post the first comment about my piece! On my screen at home, the yellow is coming up with way too much gold. The sun ray background has a much lighter feeling than I am seeing.........

  2. I love the lines - the simplicity, but deceptive. The more you look at it, the more you see. Lovely!
    Susan in SF

  3. I love the way the simplicity of your abstract evokes a soothing feeling. Great piece!

  4. I think the "rays" in the background are perfect. The sparkle adds just the right touch!

    Lisa Kay

  5. Helen, Warmth comes in many forms...your piece glows as do your words. Jan G.

  6. This is a 'classic'... lovely... it looks to me I am looking along a wall.. touched by simple, classic beauty. That background really makes your 'color' the focal point.