Thursday, April 1, 2010

Annie's "It's All About Color" piece

Hi All, Despite being pretty sick this month, I managed to get it done just under the wire, and it is a very humorous piece as all of mine tend to be. It is collaged with fusing  and then quilted. And this month I have the size right (chuckles). The name of my piece is "It's raining color!" I had so much fun with this. Jamie Fingal gave me the fabric with the dogs and cats on it. Thanks Jamie!!! I will post the theme for the next two months too on our Yahoo Group. Oh wait, I should post it here since Yahoo will be down tomorrow for maintenance. I hope they aren't going to say "Trick or Treat."
The theme for this coming month is "Green." Green can be meant literally, or it can be talking about the environment, or someone can be green with envy.

Peace and many blessings, Annie


  1. Annie, what fun it is. You see job everywhere, don't you. Great job. Helen

  2. Ok, how do you edit after publishing if it is in the comment section? I meant joy..........JOY!

  3. What fun! Thanks for making me simile! (Susan H in SF)

  4. Annie, This is a happy spring quilt. The quilting makes we feel as the the March Lion is roaring. Love the play on words/phrases with "It's Raining Color". Jan G.

  5. I love it Annie... cats and dogs... but prefer it in 'Color'.
    What a fun and happy piece.