Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Do you know the Swiss chocolate Toblerone? It has the form of a trianlge. On the wrapping is one of our famous mountains, the Matterhorn.

My husband and me spend since 3 years in June or July a few days in Zermatt, at the foot of this unique mountain. We are every year impressed anew by the changes, that the sun and the light create on this huge triangle.

I printed one of my pictures onto fabric. In my stash, I had almost the same blue as the sky and some dark green for the trees. I bought two special fabrics for the left side (smile) and pieced it.

And the triangle at the bottom?
The preamble of the Swiss Federal Constitution of September 12,, 1848, starts with the words:
'In the name of Almighty God!'. I am glad, that this is the foundation of our beautiful country.

Toblerone and Matterhorn
Are Matterhorn and Toblerone icons?? I guess, because people all over the world know, recognize and love or hate them.


  1. How fun to include two such recognizable icons. I love your color choices - it is a very happy piece.

  2. Great job Heidi. Your piece is so simple yet powerful. Icons for sure. Helen