Friday, December 3, 2010


This is not a very good picture. I will have to have it photographed professionally. There's some silk embroidery on the hands, and beads. After I had put it together, I did think the hands looked radioactive, given the colors I chose -- another thing with iconic meaning.

I came up with hands after stewing for a long time over the meaning of Icon. There are so many things one could do with that theme. I finally thought of hands because there are so many meanings with hands -- and we are artists and work with our hands. Some of the things from the Thesaurus that jumped out at me: applause, come to hand, give a hand, helping hand, hand and glove, hold hands, on the other hand, under hand and seal, with one hand tied behind your back, hand down, hand up, hands on, hand out, hand over, handbag, handcuffs, handicap, hand in hand, handiwork, handmade. And maybe that's enough.



  1. I can see the radioactive quality - very nice!

  2. When one looks at could go on forever. They are so complex in how they are constructed and in what they do and what they represent. What a good subject and such an interesting color also. Many layers. Helen