Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Icon or Logo?

I pondered the word Icon for a long time and asked people what the word meant to them. I got answers like Marilyn Monroe or James Dean. So the next question do things become icons and ....when is a Logo considered and Icon?

I thought about the Nike Swoosh. Surely it is symbolic of athletics has it become an icon? I think so!

I have been doing a series of quilts with my own little creature who I call a "Dunderhogan". This seemed to be the perfect time to revisit him in all his confusion. I picked logos that most people can identify quickly and created a question mark "logo" over his head to express his and my confusion over the word. I played with felted wool on upholstery fabric and opted not to quilt the piece. I discovered that I love working with felted wool and am now creating a larger quilt with it.
Here is a close up of my Dunderhogan. He always has wide open eyes and a fuzz ball on his belly. You can see others at This one will join the gang soon.
This was a wonderful word to ponder. Looking forward to the next one.


  1. Dunderhogan is a sweetie! What fun you had with this piece! Your logos are certainly easily recognizable - the creators knew what they were doing. I had never thought about logos becoming icons. Interesting!

  2. Fun and clean. And full of icons! Helen