Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Here it is.  When I first started to do art quilts and play with abstractions, I used the blue shape you see coming out of the rectangle on top to depict my spirit. I have done this many times, not to be confused with the leaves I also use frequently.  This image is a great comfort to me and fun to play with in compositions. When Icon was announced I knew I wanted to once again create a journey, my journey, the journey of all of us.
The piece is machine stitched, fused, tulle overlay(very frustrating to quilt over) and machine quilted.

This close up is of the bottom layers......the earth, where we are rooted, grounded.......

This close up is from higher up where I transitioned to lighter colors, showing how we break out of our boxes. This part of the quilt also has some of my hand dyed silks while most of the bottom is commercial fabric.
Thanks for a great challenge.


  1. I love the colors and 'layers' in your piece. Your use of tulle was certainly worth the effort - the effect is soft and serene. Can you talk a bit about where you see 'icon' in your piece? Is it the blue shape emerging from the rectangle?

  2. Yes, the icon is the blue shape coming out of the rectangle. It is the spirit breaking free of the boxes and fences that surround us in everyday life. The layers are the foundation for this journey. Thank you