Friday, October 1, 2010


Ebulient was not a word easy to understand for me in English. I would have prefered to hear examples in German.

We life now more then 7 years in our flat, but we still enjoy the sunsets anew.

So, suddenly during these beautiful September evenings, my mind and eyes were opened and I knew what I had to do!

In September 2008, I was lucky to attend a class with Dijanne Cevaal where we did transfer printing on Lutradur. Back home, I worked with one piece and put it on a handdyed yellow background. Then I highlighted some areas with blue and red wool and did machine quilt it.

This piece was hanging in my studio and waited and waited ...
I now know, why it had to wait so long!

It was perfect for this challenge theme, because it shows the feeling, I have, when I watch the sun becoming red and the sky turning from blue to dark.
To finish my quilt, I found a perfect background in my stash, which adds dramatic to the picture and I did more machine quilting.

If I see the picture on the screen, I think that I might add some beading to show the glittering light of the sun, shining in our rooms.



  1. Heidi, what wonderful work. Isn't it fun when something sticks around for awhile and then you know just what to do with it. I like the combination of straight lines and curves and your use of color. Good job

  2. Heidi this is a happy piece and I can sense your emotion just looking at it. What fun... it will be lovely hanging where you can see it and the sunset as well. Great use of color!

  3. Heidi, you are one lucky lady to have gotten to take a class with Dijanne....I have followed her and her work for years. Is the center panel the transfer painted Lutradur? The colors of your sunset are subtle but very effective.

  4. Heidi, you did a wonderful job capturing the colors and the feel of the setting sun. I love your photograph as well as your quilt. How lucky you are to see the sun setting from your house.