Friday, October 1, 2010


When we were given the word, I thought...what the heck? That is one word I never hear...or use... but amazingly I have heard people use it at least 4 different times in conversation since I read the definition. Synchronicity??? I pondered for a long time and the idea of water squirting from a fountain kept going through my mind. I used fabric paper again because I loved the deep colors and I wanted a cheery background hence the bright yellow dyed fabric. After a crazy summer I just needed to keep it simple.


  1. Oh Karen, you captured the emotion just perfectly. And you used my favorite colors. The quilting stitches are so even, adding to the simplicity. Good job! Helen Moreda

  2. Karen, this is lovely... and I am crazy mad about the colors!! I just wouldn't have thought of water spurting upward like that.. so effective and fits the challenge.
    Well done!