Friday, October 1, 2010

Aw.... Shucks...Ebullient

Ebullient.. a word we 12 have come to know well!
But, whatever does it mean and how can I ever put it into a work of art?
After lots of cogitating, researching and playing... I knew I wanted something happy,
lively and..well... ebullient.
Color was the first on my list, as color evokes all sorts of feelings and emotions. I
wanted contrast so the 'feeling' would come to life.

This was the sneak-peek.... now what?
 In my search for the right
additional 'element', I came accross a partial flower I had made some time ago. I painted over it
to get it to 'live'..anyway the process was so much fun.. I almost didn't know when to stop!

I used Shiva Paintsticks on some less than lovely blue hand-painted fabric I had done , then
commercial cottons... one thing led to another... who would have thought I started out with a water/beach scene in mind?

I really liked what I had.. but how do you give 'emotion' to a flower?? I gave 'her'... [now in the feminine
tense] a blush..... and note the word 'yes'.....and a girl's dream comes true....

Here is the close-up of the emotion...
Free motion quilting, some trapunto, lots of thread, french knots and embroidery complete the
piece. It is faced... and the shape is unusual for me.

Aw... Shucks!

What a great time we had doing this... sneak-peeks added to the suspense... lots of chatter .... thank you so much for a great time doing this challenge!

and we always appreciate comments...


  1. I would love to comment. Your piece is lovely and lively. But what is also great is the process with which you unveiled it. I could follow along with you and then see the finished product. Good job and good interpretation of the challenge word.

  2. Carole, you said trapunto. What part of the piece has it? My guess is the flower, but it is only a guess..............H

  3. Thank you Helen, and .. the trapunto is used in the 'yes' part of the flower.

  4. I second what Helen the way you unveiled your piece. Now I have a confession to make, the moment I saw the full photo I could see this as a in Atlanta it would be an oh so cute bag to carry. Love the irregular shape.

  5. I would make a great bag. I love the shape and the details especially those gorgeous leaves. Well Done!

  6. I came back later to relook at this challenge, and I love, love, love your piece. The fabrics, colors, "yes", quilting, and a half-flower, and yet it says ebullient and joyful to me.
    Now, a question. You said you faced it; did you use a small strip around the back or did you pillow-case it? How did you "face" around all those sticking-out parts? Please teach me.