Friday, October 1, 2010

An Experiment

I thought long and hard about the Ebullient challenge. A few ideas started to form, but nothing really gelled. And then I received the November issue of Threads magazine with an article about smocking. The effect was wonderful - it looked like woven fabric tubes. I had some sequined
organza and set about smocking it. That particular fabric was something of a nightmare to use, but I pushed on. The design complete, I finished the smocking and promptly changed my mind about the border fabric, opting instead to use a shiny, navy vinyl with a peek-a-boo opening framed with beads. Working with the vinyl made the organza seem easy in comparison. And a word of advice here...shiny vinyl is hard to photograph.

You know how it feels to pass the point of no return with a project? When you have used up your little bag of tricks and hear Tim Gunn's voice in your ear "make it work!" But the more I worked the more I heard Heidi Klum say "it looks home sewn'" and then "I'm sorry, Susan, You're out."

And so, what I have is a door. A Star's Dressing Room Door. The lesson here? It's all well and good to try new materials in a challenge - that is the point! To try new things, stretch, grow as an artist. Some experiments work out well. Some not so much. Hence the title. An Experiment. And it was. And the best part was the smocking. I will use that again, but with a lovely light-weight wool or silk. Maybe this weekend...

Susan H. in summer-what-summer-I-don't-remember-summer San Francisco


  1. Susan, you have certainly learned a lot from this challenge. I wish that I could see your piece in person. The detail looks wonderful. Can't wait to see what you come up with for your own word!

  2. Susan, there are challenges and there are challenges. You topped them all. But look at what you learned. I wish I could feel the is a very textural piece that wants to be touched. And a Star's Door captures the moment. Good work. Helen Moreda

  3. Susan.. I loved the story about how your piece came together. And good for you to keep plugging on. I think it really works... that smocking is delightful and would be fab. in the wool or silk you mentioned. I think you can be 'Ebullient' for having experimented and won!
    Good job.