Friday, October 1, 2010

Moving Forward

 Here you see my close up. I am calling this blog entry moving forward because my goal has been to arrive, some day, at mixed media.  But I love my painting. So I took some fabric that I had previously dyed myself, taped it to an artist's canvas and picked up my brush. As you know, I do leaves, lots of leaves. So I used a reference photo and painted away. Then the layering and quilting, watching for my notan.......areas of light and dark.
 This was my sneak peek.........on the easel at stage one.

And here it is finished. As you see it, it is reading with too much white. I went in once and toned the whiter areas down with green but I am thinking they should still be toned down more. Just a lilttle more green. Or lilac might read well also. Even though it is quilted, I can still touch up highlights. The majority of the painting was done before layering.
Looking back at my close up, that is a pretty good composition also!

Don't know the next challenge, but I do know how I will approach it.
It always makes one feel great to take another step. Shakey and unsure but forward. Thank you all for my journey and loving watching yours.
Helen Moreda


  1. Helen.. this is definitely 'moving forward'... my it is a beautiful piece. I like the color of the leaves and they way they 'move forward'... begging to be touched...
    If you think they are too light and do add some color... how about the lilac.. I think that would add some drama..due to the reddish-purple of the dark areas. I never could have guessed from your sneak-peek.
    This could hang on my a heartbeat!

  2. I love to hear when an artists "goes back" to their fine art roots and brings it into their work in fiber. You are definately growing, moving forward, keep it up. By the way Carole, this piece would look great hanging on my wall with "Kudzu".

  3. Helen,your leaves are beautiful and I call you very brave to take paint to fabric...especially after the quilting is done...but it really works.
    Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  4. Carol, I was thinking about the lilac.....just did not know if I was brave enough! Am thinking I am. Thank you all for the comments. We rock. Helen