Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Botanicals ... encaustic

This challenge did indeed bring about a 'change'... a real fun change! I
made the change [noun] from fabric and worked with paper, yes newspaper and a photograph printed on paper. I used paint where I wanted on the newspaper .. a collage of garden guide photos. I then cut the papers into strips, layered tissue paper over the top, used gel medium to hold them all together... changing from newspaper articles and photograph [verb]. Then I placed the piece on a batt, used a botanical fabric on the back and quilted from the back. Then I finished with a wax....
I love, love, love this technique and am happy I was encouraged to try it with this 'change' challenge.

I certainly look forward to your comments.


  1. I love the idea of quilting from the back. I have done it before and the results are always so interesting. Your piece definitely makes me want to get a closer look.

  2. Carole,
    Our minds must be on the same track. I had just run a very similar piece by Kristin the last week, about newpaper & painting on fabric. Wax I had not thought of...Wow! I would love to see this up close and personal. This piece has drawn me back several times, while I love the floral/botanical feel (the stitching is wonderful) it has a haunting quality about it. I must confess that I have checked out your blog to see the Fast Friday challenge piece you said was done similarily. Very nice!

  3. Carole, I too will check out the Fast Friday blog. This piece looks wonderful but I so want to see a close up. After using the wax, is the piece stiff? Another work with a great palette.........:Helen

  4. Paper! Now that is a change! Can you get us an up close look posted?

  5. Thank you everyone...yes.. get close by clicking on it... it should ccome up large for you. the wax is not brittle or hard.. beeswax always remains soft and maleable...

  6. Carole, would you just send it over to my house so I can study it and smell it. I promise I'll return it to you.
    Silly Sue