Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Change as in mediums

Here is my change, from paint to fabric. For those of you familiar with my blog,http://helenmoreda.blogspot.com/
you will know that I am up to version # 12 on my blog of this little trike done in oils for my art class.  #'s 13 and 14 are being worked on in the studio.  So how do I stop and create in a different direction for this challenge?  Just change the meduim.  This little trike is fused out of commercial fabrics and painted with thread.  The lovely part is that I just cut it out without any stress. I know the trike well now and it is less and less important that it be just so.  I want the whimsey. Did I get it?


  1. You definitely got the whimsy especially with your fun quilting. Love those flowers on the right. Now I want to check your blog to see the others in the series.

  2. Helen,
    I went to your blog to look at the trike paintings and found them enchanting. Love the ones of just the front tire as much as the whole bike. What drew you to the trike?

  3. When my in-laws passed, the only thing I was so happy to receive was the little trike all the grandkids rode up and down in front of their house on.........endlessly it seemed.
    My husband did not remember much about the trike but my brother-in-law sent me the most wonderful email about the Christmas he received the trike and how he rode through the house with his little sister on the back. The trike is the summation of so many childhood memories and it is truly worn as you can see by the tire. I have several more paintings to post.....all in good time.....and I am have a great time with this process. Thank you so for the comments.

  4. Love that-- both the tricycle and the whimsey. You rock!

  5. What a sweet story! It looks just like the trike in the garden down the street surrounded by flowers every summer! I remember my red trike...I wonder where it ended up...

  6. Helen,
    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story. It is always amazing how each person can have different memories or no memories of the same object or event. Like Lisa I too fondly remember a trike and a scooter, my parents have saved everything...hmmmm, I wonder???

  7. You got it girl!! I love the whimsy...I also checked out your blog... this is my fav.

  8. You GOT IT.
    This is a wonderful post (look at all these comments!)....and now, I too am off to blogland with you.