Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Color Change

I got some red-green fabrics from my sister-in-law. Her mother was a dress-maker. I had nice red velvet and dyed cotton in my stash.
I cut squares and zig-zaged them together with the green 'line'.I discharged the top with a self-made flower stamp. What a change - and so different in each fabric! On the partly woolen clothing material on the far right and left, the color is brown. On the dyed fabric, it is yellow also on the velvet.
The outline of the flowershape is stichted with pearl thread.
With paintstiks I changed the color of the flowers into gold, green and pink.

It does look changed - or not?


  1. Heidi,
    The end result always surprises me when discharging different fabrics, I think it is that unpredictablity that intrigues me. The movement created by your strong zigzag lines, encourages the viewer to keep looking. Which of the fabrics did you use the paintstiks on? I have not heard of using them on velvet which is why I am asking.

  2. Look at what you learned! My favorite is the pale yellow.......Helen

  3. I need to do more discharging...I keep meaning to and then I forget...

  4. This is great... I would never have thought of what you did. I love that you used velvet! and yes... it is 'change'd...

  5. Jan, I used paintstiks on all except the second from the right - not on the cotton one. I did not iron it - just let it dry.

  6. That's a very brave and creative piece of work. Good job, Heidi.

  7. Very creative, Heidi! (And definitely changed.)