Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Change -- "Quilt Metamorphosis"

Since I was the one that chose this month's word, I have had extra time to think about what I wanted to do. I decided to take an old quilt* and change it into a modern piece of art. I took a simple log cabin with hand stitching and kept changing it until I was happy. I left the left side pretty much the same and kept adding more and more as I went further to the right.

I started with the quilt* already quilted and didn't bother taking it down to just a top. I first added a layer of white spray paint to diffuse the background. I stamped with the cap of a film canister the metallic red and green circles and used a pencil eraser to stamp the small gold circles. I fused straight strips of fabric angled somewhat out for a modern look similar to a log cabin.

That didn't seem to be enough change and after thinking about it for a couple of days, I decided on an additional change. I again sprayed the piece with more white paint then added the circular "log cabin." I then stamped more circles from the film canister cap with white paint.

I then layered it with batting and another back and requilted it moving from squared off quilting on the left hand side to the right hand side where it is all curved quilting.

I finished off with a decorative hand stitching. Starting in the upper left corner with white, straight "chicken scratch" stitches and moving to the lower left corner where there are just magenta french knots. In the middle, the colors change places.

Going from left to right these are the changes that the quilt makes:

Old to New
Dull to Bright
Traditional to Modern
Square to Circle
Light to Dark

I hope everyone had as much fun with Change as I did!

Lisa Kay.

* No antique quilt was hurt or in any way damaged by this experiment. It was an old pillow sham made in China that looked like a quilt!


  1. I think I must be really craving warmer weather, because the moment I saw your piece I thought of summer days. Happy colors. Love your hand stitching. Did you really spray it with paint?

  2. What do I like the most.....both your colors and your thought process. Thank you for such an indepth description. The result of all your work is lovely. Helen

  3. Thank you all... Yes!, I did spray it with over the hardware counter paint spray. I really like the look I ended up getting. It left it a bit stiffer, but I could still do the hand stitching. Of course, I had to use one of those round rubber pullers when I was going through some of those thicker layers with 2 batting and three layers of quilt AND the paint!

  4. Very innovative, very brave... and informative. I really like how you decided on the curve for your log cabin... kudos!

  5. I really like this piece...and your list of changes helped a lot, as I went back and re-examined it. Love the colors, and especially the hand stitching and knots. Sue