Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Green Does My Garden Grow

Here we go again.
My garden is my favorite spot, obviously.
For years I had a block on my design board I wanted to expand and low, it was green.
So I made some similar pieces and then had to kick out the original one.
The greens were way too grayed.
I wanted some cleaner greens. Finally I need brightness in my work.
I find I am so much more at ease doing traditional work to make art.
There is a peacefulness handling blocks and it is so fun to see how they can tell a story.
Here you see pathways, you see wandering, you see the colors of the yard, you see soft and hard, straight and meandering. What else, my friends?


  1. Helen, this is a
    soothing piece. I like that you used the sort of 'rail fence' blocks and the pathways they create. If you had two more at the top, it would resemble a labryinth. And I see sunshine and shadows [to use a traditional term] or could I say even some hiding places...

  2. I would be happy to spend time in your garden. So calm and peaceful.

  3. This piece makes me smile and reach for a glass of iced tea. Is that a pair of pigs I see frolicking in your garden?

  4. No Susan H.......but how did you know we have two sheep! I think we all agree gardens are just plain necessary to our wellbeing.No matter what the size.

  5. Helen, nothing wrong with beginning with traditional blocks especially in regards to your garden. Something to be said for the structure of your blocks in regards to a garden....like looking down from and airplane and seeing a quilt.