Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Green and Green

The idea of photocopying greens came to me immediately, but the overall design took a while. Mint, rosemary, marjoram, dill and red leaf lettuce were photocopied onto paper-backed muslin. All fabrics are left over from other projects. The blue batik in the lower right corner is the bottom of an old shirt. The batting is "Quilters Dream Green" made from recycled plastic bottles and the the quilt back is unbleached muslin.

Quilting lines follow the hills and are meant to look like the irrigation ditches I remember passing on my walks to school on 1960's Sunnyvale.
(Sorry about the fuzzy image - camera difficulties. Will try to get a better image in the next couple of days.)

Susan H in San Francisco


  1. Clever idea, photos of salad greens, well sure, in small amounts some of them. Looks like your memory served you well. As I read your description, I could see the fields, irrigation ditches and distant hills..
    Well done... all in 'green' form.

  2. Do you have a green thumb? Your photos are wonderful and you definitely got your message across.

  3. I love how we all made this challenge kind of personal. Great use of green and lovely sharing of memories. The old shirt is very special. Helen

  4. Sue,
    Questions; Did you state that these are photocopies of your herbs? Did you do this on a home scanner/photocopier or commercial? Treated fabric? I'm envious of people with green thumbs, around here I blame my lack of that on too much shade.

  5. I photocopied using my HP printer/flatbed copier/scanner/fax combo. I placed my store-bought greens (no place for a garden in my San Francisco apartment!) on a sheet of transparency film on the copier. The fabric is Printed Treasures fabric sheets for inkjet printers. The 200 thread count muslin is treated to accept the ink and backed with paper to stabilize it for the trip through the printer. Before using the fabric sheets, I printed several 'tests' on paper to get the images I wanted. The Printed Treasures product is pricey but hassle-free. You can get the same effect from another product (Bubble Jet Set) to pre-treat your own fabric, iron to freezer paper and cut to size. I did that for years and it works well. Pretreated fabrics accept the inks and the color won't wash out. Hope that helps!