Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blue Lagoon

I used the 'Green' theme to rework a 20 x 20 piece that wasn't the best, even tho' I really liked it, it was just lacking. I trimmed it down, removed a few of the beachy elements, added the tree and leaves, together with an egret leaving the scene for better fishing.
The leaves are made using scraps of dupioni silk and water soluable stabilizer, in a hoop and free motion zigzag stitch.
The bottom , in real life, the scrim hangs below the edge. It doesn't make for a great photo hanging down. I do like the vertical as opposed to horizontal on this one.
It may still get some more work, what do you think? Should the egret be flying in? or out ? as it is.


  1. It is always great when a once unsuccessful quilt can earn a new life and become successful. Congratulations. And I think the bird should be coming as he wants to now join the success!

  2. I love the dimensional leaves, the beautiful bird and the scrim on the bottom. Wonderful job.

  3. I can smell the sea air! I love the addition of three-dimensional elements - they give the piece life!

  4. Love the way the blue holds the work together. Lovely color and it does tell a story the way it is now. What more could you want? Helen

  5. It's so nice to see a non-oil-soaked seabird!
    It's a lovely piece.

  6. I also love the dimensionality of your "new" piece. Sometimes it is hard to "crop" our original vision...but in this case taking away the extra beachy stuff gave the egret the importance it deserved. Editing payed off.