Sunday, August 1, 2010

Reminiscing with Paul

I'm an early Beatles fan who was lucky enough to see them in person at their first San Francisco show at the Cow Palace. I saw Ringo a few years ago at a performance in Sonoma County and was recently able to enjoy Paul's concert in San Francisco. Wow!
My first inclination was to title this piece "Still Missing the Beatles" but I know their music lives on for my enjoyment. Paul's tributes to George and John evoked a lot of emotion from the audience, myself included.

I took over one hundred photos at the McCartney concert, some of which are on this piece. I collaged them with my computer photo program, a simple technique, but exactly what I wanted.
My idea was to get the flavor of the sixties with the sky blue and avocado green hand-dyes fused to the batting.
I used Bubble Jet Set on Pima cotton then ironed it to freezer paper to put through my inkjet printer. I then fused the photo fabric onto Wonder Under and ironed directly on the batting. This reminiscence challenge leaves me with a really memorable wall hanging.


  1. Cathy this is a memory quilt, for sure! And I am just ahead of the Beatles, so they didn't mean that much to me, but I can appreciate, through this piece, what they did mean to so many the world over. Thank you for sharing that emotion.
    Isn't it something that this challenge would have brought this out... would you ever have done it, do you think?

  2. Being born in '62, I was definately at the tail end of the Beatles, but my sisters, 10 and 14 years older, than me were really into them. I can remember being in Kindergarten and singing "I wanna hold your hand" while I played.

    Lisa Kay

  3. Your terrific piece comes right after Paul was awarded the Gershwin Prize for Music at the White House. PBS just showed it early this week, and at (I'm guessing) 70 years of age (or close), he was just as charming and cheeky as when he was a kid. He played with The Band, and a parade of other performers did his songs as they interpreted them, which Paul said was a great treat for him. He also said, at the beginning of the event, that he had stage fright performing a few feet from the President! Hope you can catch this on TV.

  4. I love your collage of photos. What incredible Beatles memories you have. I am envious.

  5. I love your use of photos - great choices! Thank you for explaining your process. I also enjoy transferring photos to fabric but have never fused them directly to batting - I am going to give that a try.

  6. Cathy, great photos. Each piece has had a way of making me recall my own memories. Boy do I remember having to negotiate just to watch the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show....being able to buy and play their record was a major accomplishment. Thanks.

  7. Cathy, you made a great collage with these pictures. It is so nice, that you could see them again after so many years.

  8. Cathy.......finally. What a great memory piece. So wonderful that they meant so much to you. And the patience you have for the process.......I envy. Great job. Helen