Monday, August 2, 2010

Reminiscence Bump

When the word for this challenge was announced, I googled and found a wikipedia entry for 'Reminiscence Bump' - the time period in which autobiographical memory is most vivid. (From adolescence to young adulthood.)

I loved the term and immediately thought of rows of stitching around 'bumps' representing bubbles of memory. My original plan was to fill the bumps with shiny beads and charms but the effect was simply too busy. Once everything but the pearl necklace was removed, the design could come through.

The fabric was purchased at the Britex remnant sale (an experience in itself!) for another project. The fabric content was missing from the wrapper, but it feels and sews like taffetta. After auditioning several different metallic threads, I settled on a gold rayon.

The quilting design was intended to be evenly spaced rows. As I sewed, I realized memory is not like that. Not always well ordered, available and reliable. The rows began to wiggle a bit - cross over one another. Finally, the binding is top-stitched with the same rayon metallic thread wobbling and uneven. We may attempt to frame our memories neatly, but they are as we are - imperfect. Delightful, fabulous and intriguing, but imperfect.


  1. Susan, what an interesting interpretation of the challenge! The one row with the necklace is perfect....
    maybe that is all there is to a perfect memory? ha!

  2. Susan, I have never heard that phrase before, very interesting. The simplicity of this piece has me wondering if our memories are ever so simple to recall and appreciate. Simplicity can sometimes be decieving, can't it.

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  4. Susan, I tend to think in straight lines - but as you wrote, live is not that way. I like how you express your thoughts.

  5. Susan, you gave this one so much careful thought and you had the patience to audition, to add and subtract. And it resulted in a lovely piece. Life is like that, yes? Memories from that time period were so very important to us......Thanks for the good work. Helen.......just north of you!