Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1, believe it or not

Happy August. Where or where did the time go?
My memories include one of my first art quilts which now resides with a good friend.
It was a branch similar to this done in very branch colors, very carefully but was fused and quilted very lightly.
For reminiscense I wanted to do a similar piece the way I would present it now.  I almost did it! I am taking painting lessons and learning so much about the structure of paintings. So next time, I will have a reference photo and really consider the light source more carefully. This piece evolved and so not all that was possible. Only because I do not usually do that reverse sewing thing!
What is new is the attempt to create shadows and a source of light.
What is new from the older work is the use of color. Bright can be good.
These painting lessons are taking time from my textile work, but that is where I am at at present and just a part of the whole evolving quest.
Please do visit my blog and feel free to comment.
Please also comment on your journeys and the detours you have taken.
And thank you........


  1. I love your thread sketching and the way you used the quilting to "suggest" leaves! Something of which I would love to do more.

    Lisa Kay

  2. Helen, you are having too much fun!! I just checked your blog, you are really enjoying the painting, I can tell! And, it shows in this piece, the thought and detail. Did you paint the background fabric? And is it really only bound on two sides? I like it!!

  3. This is a very nice piece...simple, subtle, yet direct.
    I've recently finished two classes with acrylic painting which taught me more about use of colors, but I really missed being able to quilt it!
    I think I'm happier as a quilter than as a painter, but it's fun to step out of our box and bring a few new things back to the studio.

  4. Helen, I love the fact that you were willing to return to your first quilt and recreate it. You did a beautiful job and I really appreciate your close up photo too.

  5. What a beautiful piece! I love your color choices - I want to sit under that tree with a book and a glass of iced tea!

  6. Helen, I think your painting classes are well worth your time investment. Not long ago there was a discussion on QuiltArt about pursuing general art classes and how they would enhance our fiber work. Don't worry about time away from your fiber will come back to it with a more depth in your "technique toolbox".

  7. Ah, I envy you about your painting class. I am sure you have got a lot out of it.
    I like your mix of quilting and applique and your background fabric.

  8. Carole, no I did not create the background least I do not think so. Hopefully some of you also have fabric that you cannot remember the history of..........
    And it is bound all around, just differently. Traditional on two sides and faced on the other two. Helen