Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So good, that spring in English also means a technical spring. As Karen, I have made my spring quilts and was glad to have this choice.

For our Swiss Quilters exhibition, I was working on a traditional Amish quilt - Jacobs ladder - with Amish fabrics from Intercourse. After this, I wanted to do something different.

I needle felted Organza to synthetik felt and embellished with beads and golden wire springs. Then I hand stitched the piece on thick black felt and a golden Organza.

Golden Springs


  1. Heidi,
    The contrast between the fancy "soft" fabrics and the structured "architectural" quality of your piece is very appealing. Only after looking at the photo's several times did I realize that the spirals are 3-D. How did you accomplish that? Nice embellishments.

  2. Jan,
    yes, the fancy fabrics are soft - and they are rolled at the edge - as a spring.
    Springs are most of the time fixed in a solid covering - thus the structure.
    The 3-D spirals are cut out with a soldering iron, something I learned in the class with Margaret Beal.

  3. I love the dimension that you got in your piece. I want to hear more about your class with Margaret Beal. I have her book and went through a burning phase but it wasn't that easy!

  4. Gefällt mir pirma! Gut gemacht!