Wednesday, June 1, 2011


When the word was announced I had just completed a Spring Quilt with bugs and flowers and I couldn't go there again. So I decided to use a different meaning and thought of a spring bouncing around. I had purchased lightweight aluminum circles at a scrap book store a few years ago and they seemed like the perfect thing to use on this piece.
I have been doing a lot of fabric dyeing lately and I always throw some "Color Catcher" sheets into the washer when I am rinsing the fabric. They come out in beautiful colors and since I just can't throw them away, I have quite the collection. I decided to use them in this piece too. I collaged the color catchers and some textured paper onto black felt and sewed them all down. Then I hand appliqued the circles on top. Does it look like it is springy???


  1. Karen,
    I agree with you, "Color Catchers" are great! Nice use of non-traditional fibers, even though you collaged the piece it has a patchwork feel to it. Did you mean for your spring to be an "S"? It was the first thing I noticed.

  2. Karen, I love your colors and the paper. I also collect Color Catchers. The rings do form a 'S'. Are all of the same width or are some smaller?

  3. I didn't realize that the shape was an "S"...for Spring until you pointed that out! I just liked the curves. There are two different sizes of rings.