Friday, April 1, 2011

"Blue Bird, Blue Bird" by Jan Girod-Bird

When the word for this challenge was announced I lept with joy as I have been using these birds in my work quite frequently....this would be so easy. At midnight last night as I stitched away I was thinking, oh what a fool you are, but it is done and I feel absolute relief. For several years now I keep finding myself using trees and birds in piece after piece....sketchbook too. I have attributed it to growing up in Minnesota, following behind my uncle who became a wildlife biologist. My friends never did get my affinity for snakes, oh well to each his own. I began with a unique piece of hand painted fabric I had been saving for a special project, it fit perfectly. The branches are drawn in freehand and colored using Derwent Inktense using them. Once everything had dried I transfered on the birds using TAP-Transfer Artist Paper. Leaves are a combination of painted Wonder-Under, sheer fabrics and free motion quilting.


  1. A lovely piece, Jan. You really painted WonderUnder, huh? I've got to try that.

  2. My favorite part of this work is the play of the sky blue and the grassy green. The bird is great, but I love the setting so much. Good job with the special fabric.

  3. It looks so airy (?), free, light. A real feeling of spring! the fabric is special and well chosen.