Friday, April 1, 2011

Beauty of birds

Here is my version of this challenge.  I am lucky enough to live where I can look at birds in flight all day long if I wish.  The primary feeling I wanted to demonstrate was both the simplicity and the grace of a bird  in flight. The lines are smooth and graceful. Gliding is the best. So here it abstract, but here it is. Thanks for a great "word". It is my turn to post a word and I will do it from work today....


  1. Helen,
    Your simpicity...very nice. I would like to see this up close and personal, intrigued to see the stitching.

  2. Jan is it so tonal. In the lighter fabric I meandered and in the darker area the lines are long and wavy. It was hard to not disrupt the simplicity of the design.

  3. Helen,
    From my perspective no, but since I'm working on several monochromatic pieces limiting the values, I may be the wrong person to ask. Do you feel your photo is an accurate representation? Also reading your statement, when a bird is in flight you cannot see contrasts of color, etc, so with that in mind you achieved your I said "simplicity".