Monday, February 1, 2010


When I think of Sanctuary, I think of nature. I walk in the woods to clear my mind and it is where I come up with solutions to my quilting problems as well. I took this photo of a young deer in our local park and felt that he symbolizes sanctuary to me...even though there is a herd that goes through my garden and ravages everything constantly. They are so beautiful and serene.
I transfered the photo onto fabric and quilted around the deer so that he would stand out against the background. I fused pieces of silk to a hand dyed cotton fabric in a collage format. Then came the challenge of quilting the piece. I choose to extend the lines of the brush in the background of the photo out into the background of the quilt.
I wanted to do embellishment but the quilt kept telling me to stop while I was ahead so I listened this time. Next time I hope to do some hand work on my piece.


  1. What a wonderful piece this is, so calming and serene.

  2. Karn...amazing how nature nurtures us. It is also a sanctuary for me. I have a very tall fence that keeps the deer out! Lovely job continuing the quilting to the edges. Great. Helen Moreda

  3. I love to watch the deer in my fields, even when they find my flowers. They also evoke a sense of peace for me. Great job.