Thursday, February 11, 2010


Here's the new theme: COLOR which I already sent in an email.

Do something bright and colorful, and if you are unused to color, force yourself to pick a bright color and work with it. Color, hue, tint, shade, dye, stain, blush, glow, vivid, intensity, richness, riot of color, iridescent, rainbow, butterfly, peacock.....

Think, for example, of Red, one of my favorite colors: scarlet, vermillion, crimson, maroon, magenta, cerise, cherry, fire-engine red, cardinal, carmine, ruby, wine, claret, burgundy, brick-red, rust, lobster-red, carnelian, infrared, blood-red, Chinese red, Titian....

Think of Blue: aqua, azure, baby blue, turquoise, cerulean blue, cobalt, royal blue, peacock blue, midnight blue, navy blue, electric blue, indigo, sapphire blue, robin's-egg blue, Prussian blue, steel blue, sky blue, sea blue, ultramarine blue....

You can use some black and white if you want. No gray. Try to stay away from pale pale pastels, like baby blue or baby pink. Push yourself to be bold and daring. And have fun!

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  1. I love your enthusiasm! Picking any color and just pushing it is way too cool. Can't wait to see what we all come up with. Thank you. Helen Moreda