Saturday, July 31, 2010

Reminiscence... Skinny dipping

Unveiled..... the latest Challenge... thank you Jan.. good memories.

Skinny dipping
As a young teenager, what fun we had, under the full moonlit skies to peel off our clothes and go for a 'midnight swim'... midnight? .. only in the state of darkness for us, not the time.

I used a lot of techniques in this.. first it is paper fabric... fabric paper? [I never know which]... then I
'foiled around'..used the inks, stitches, embellishments and added bling to the wet body climbing out from the water. The 'fabric' includes many layers and inclusions.
I am fond of the 'Forte' teas, so used the leaves in a discretionery way... hmmm... reminiscent? An angelina heart has been well placed and Lutradur was used to create the lace on the right hand edge, adding to the feminity...

This piece now hangs in my personal bathroom, above the soaker tub... candles and all...


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  2. Absolutely gorgeous! It really gives off a misty, magical aire...just like skinny dipping at midnight!.

    Lisa Kay

  3. I love your use of materials. The foil is wonderful for the hair and it looks like you have cheese cloth in your fabric paper...adds texture and mystery. What a great piece!

  4. Gorgeous piece, love the colors and textures. Wonderful use of the theme.

    Diane in NH
    "Fiber Arts Squared"

  5. I think you almost had as much fun doing this as you did skinny-dipping.

  6. I love the whimsy, color and texture - how fun to hang this in your bathroom to see everyday!

  7. naughty girl you. I love the colors, textures and use of stuff. I'm not about to admit that your piece brought back any memories of my own.........hmmmm!

  8. Carole, I think I missed a lot of fun and excitement!
    Your piece looks so personal and yet discrete. I makes me smile. Heidi

  9. Thank you to everyone that took the time to post.
    I definitely appreciate it!

  10. Carole, finally I am here. I so agree with all the above. Mostly for me the sense of fun is what is important. It sings. And that is a good thing. Helen