Sunday, May 30, 2010

Green Challenge, A Day Early

Leaving at crack of dawn tomorrow for QSDS, so I've gotta post my green quilt tonight. A few words: I had a devil of a time finding something I really wanted to do, and in fact I never did. But I did go out in my back yard and yank off a bunch of leaves and practiced looking at them pretty carefully (which was interesting) and drawing them pretty accurately (also interesting), and then making 11 of them them out of two layers of fabric. Thought they might look good on a sharp red background. I smooshed them around in different configurations, and ended on this one. I stitched a few stitches on the center "vein" in each, but largely left the leaves floating, hoping for subtle shadows. Finally, hand-stitched in echo-type quilting, leaving certain areas unfilled on purpose.

Now, since it's not a terribly interesting quilt in itself, I thought I'd make it into a challenge: The first person who can identify 10 of the eleven leaves wins A PRIZE! Hint: some are from a flower, an herb, a fruit, a vine, a ground cover, Not all are exactly to scale. Send me an email with your guesses:

I'll post the map to the names when I return from QSDS (studying with Sue Benner, whom I've wanted to work with for years!) Happy memorial day all~


  1. Sue, this is so fresh...and the green variety against that red makes it pop.I don't think you have to apologize for it at all, for you it will always be a great reference source when you need leaves for a piece and you are not sure....
    Instant recollection.
    I like it.

  2. I recognize many of the leaves, but the names won't surface! I guess someone else will get the prize!

  3. I love this piece with all the different greens against the perfect red to set them off. I also love the detail in each leaf - the veins and shape. I recognize a couple, but not all! No prize for me!

  4. I also love the green of the leaves against that wonderful red background. I can tell that I need a lot of work when it comes to knowing plants. I am clueless.

  5. So you made a lovely quilt showing the power of complimentary colors. That's green in itself! It looks great and I am not sure that you will be giving away any prizes. But it sure is fun to think about. Helen

  6. No apologies necessary, I believe this was a true challenge to several of us....many who spent the entire 2 months contemplating, trying things out and just plain scratching our heads. I like the variety of leaf shapes and colors, the complimentry colors and the hand stitching.